Publication | Delphian Magazine

My work, ”My Hometown Was Burning and All I Could Think Of Was That Sun Bleached Wall I Pictured in A Dream About The Dominican Republic” has been featured in Delphian Magazine as one of the top 5 at Bloomberg New Contemporaries. To see the full list check out the article here:

Lecture | Female Futures

I am happy to announce that I will be a guest speaker at “Female Futures”

Inspired by ‘Representation of Female Artists in Britain’, an annual research paper conducted by the Freelands Foundation, Female Futures asks panelists to reflect on the future for female artists.

How much has the art world changed since the Great East London Art Audit in 2012? What will it look like for today’s graduates in five years’ time? Will the current enthusiasm for collecting art by female artists have a long-term impact on the industry? What other groups in the art world are at risk of being overlooked?  

Female Futures will be chaired by Marcelle Joseph, curator and collector of female artists, joined by Melanie Cassoff, the Managing Director of the Freelands Foundation, Alexandra Warde, the Co-Director of Bosse and Baum, and Emma Fineman, FBA Futures exhibitor.

This event is part of FBA Futures 2019, the UK’s biggest annual survey of emerging contemporary figurative art, mapping new practices and ideas of representation and draughtsmanship.

For more information check out:

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