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 “Layover” takes place at @versusartproject in Istanbul October 18th - November 24th with an opening reception the night of the 18th. “Layover explores artistic responses to duality across five countries: Turkey, New Zealand, England, America and The UAE. The show features the works of Rosa Allison, Sarah Alagroobi, Emma Fineman, Vanya Horwath, and Çağla Ulusoy. Each artist, coming from diverse cultural backgrounds, has found commonality within

their use of material. Painting is their means of describing a duality of cultural influence to express a universality within this visual language. An approach of accepting the unexpected, embracing the unpredictable and utilizing dualities, reflects their response to the uncertainties of our geopolitical climate. This strategy provides a means of an honest personal expression within an increasingly polarised society. The choice of exhibition site, Versus Art Project in Istanbul Turkey, is significant when considering notions of cultural duality, being that it is situated between Europe and Asia. Within the exhibition, each artist will occupy spaces on the walls of Versus Art Project together, as a unified collective, but also that occupation is a territorial space that inhabits the presence of people from multiple backgrounds. In this way the walls become a safe space to not only coexist, but also to share dialogue with each other.
Each artist presents work that follows a similar conceptual thread, all rooted in cultural nuances and nomadic displacement of identity, diaspora, nationalism, and heritage. Through these roots each artist branches their own trajectories touching on correlations that unite their practice and process. These processes range from oil painting on canvas to digital fabrication and sculptural construction.”

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