• 1991, Berkeley California
  • Lives and works in London, UK
  • Royal College of Art (RCA); London, UK; MA Candidate in Painting (2016-2018) 
  • Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA); Baltimore, MD; BFA in Painting,Magna Cum Laude (2013)
  • Studio Art Centers International Honors Program; Florence, Italy (2012)
  • The Oxbow School; Napa, CA (2007)
  • Bloomberg New Contemporaries Shortlisted Candidate; Bloomberg Philanthropies; London , UK (2018)
  • RBA Rome Scholarship Shortlisted Candidate; The Royal Society of British Artists; London, UK (2018)
  • Harley Open Judges Prize; Welbeck Estates, Harley Museum and Foundation; Nottingham, UK (2017)
  • Gulkistan Residency, Laugarvatn, Iceland (2015)
  • Arteles Residency, Haukijärvi, Finland (2015)
  • Artigiana Residency; Sicily, Italy
  • Maumau Residency; Istanbul, Turkey (2014)
  • Presidential Fellowship Grant; Anderson Ranch Arts Center; Aspen, CO
  • Anderson Ranch Arts Center Residency Workshop; Aspen, CO
  • Vermont Studio Center Residency; Johnson, VT
  • MICA; Student Leadership Award; Baltimore, MD
  • Merit Award Winner; Juried Undergraduate Exhibition; Decker Gallery; Baltimore, MD Juried by Jack Livingston and Karyn Miller
  • MICA; Deans List; Baltimore, MD
  • MICA; Recognition Award; Baltimore, MD
  • Presidential Scholarship; Baltimore, MD
  • Trustee Scholarship; Baltimore, MD
  • Foundation Scholarship; Baltimore, MD
  • Deborah Butterfield Interdisciplinary Sculpture Workshop; Napa, CA
  • John Buck Printmaking Workshop; Napa, CA
  • David Best Apprenticeship and group collaboration Project; Napa, CA (2007)
  • Solo
  • Fin_Bow, Eleven Spitalfields Gallery; London, UK; Curated by Sophie Ashby (2017)
  • O.S. 1, The Great Highway Gallery; San Francisco, CA (2016)
  • Samgöngur (Transport), The Sub; San Francisco, CA (2015)
  • Solo Booth, White Space: Art Palm Beach; West Palm Beach, FL (2014)
  • Freak; Gateway Gallery 1; Baltimore, MD (20013)
  • Trekking The Himalaya; Ranikhet; India (2011)
  • Group
  •  RBA Rising Stars, Framers Gallery; London, UK; Selected by The Royal Society of British Artists (2018)
  • Thumbnails, Hockney Gallery; London UK (2018)
  • Paper Cuts, Tripp Gallery; London, UK; Curated by Kris Day (2017)
  • Harley Open Juried Art Prize, Harley Gallery & Museum; Nottingham, UK; Curated by Hannah Obee, Geoff Diego Litherland, and Lucy Phillips (2017) 
  • SUPERnatural / Survey of the ‘Figurative’ in Contemporary Art, AUREUS Contemporary Gallery; New York City, NY; Curated by Karim Hamid (2017)
  • Art Market San Francisco; San Francisco, CA (2017)
  • WIP Show, Royal College of Art; London, UK (2017)
  • 1st Kiss, Junior High Gallery; Los Angeles, CA; Curated by Girl On Girl Collective (2016)
  • Nothing To See Here, Square Gallery London; London, UK; Presented by Kajo Collection (2016)
  • No Exhibitions Allowed II, Art Advisors Studio Amsterdam; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Presented by Kajo Collection (2016)  
  • Axis Gallery 10th National Juried Exhibition, Sacramento, CA; Curated by Max Presneill (2015)
  • Gluggaveður; Laugarvatn, Iceland (2015)
  • Open Studios// Works From Arteles; Haukijärvi, Finland (2015)
  • Works from Villa Flavia, Artigiana; Milazzo, Sicily (2014)
  • açık | open, Maumau; Istanbul, Turkey (2014)
  • Palimpsest, Maumau: Tophane Artwalk, Istanbul, Turkey (2014)
  • Mordes Collection, White Space; West Palm Beach, FL (2014)
  • Juicetank Gallery Project, Juicetank; Somerset, NJ; Curated by Chris Kapsaroff (2013)
  • MICA Commencement Exhibition, Leak Studio; Baltimore, MD (2013)
  • World Wise Exhibition, Rosenberg Gallery; Baltimore, MD (2013)
  • MICA Painting Exhibition, Main 110; Baltimore, MD; Curated by Barry Nemett (2013)
  • Sketch Book Selections, Decker Library; Baltimore, MD; Curated by Howie Wies (2012)
  • 5th Annual Sketch Book Exhibition, Brown Center; Baltimore, MD; Curated by Rex Stevens (2012)
  • Studio Center Exhibition, France-Merrick Foundation Gallery; Baltimore, MD; Curated by Barry Nemett (2012)
  • SACI Spring Semester Show; Fox Gallery; Baltimore, MD; Curated by Phyllis Platner (2012)
  • Juried Undergraduate Exhibition; Decker Gallery; Baltimore, MD; Juried by Jack Livingston and Karyn Miller (2012)
  • Painting Departmental Exhibition; Fox Gallery; Baltimore, MD; Curated by Barry Nemett (2012)
  • MICA@ SACI Show; Jules Maidoff Gallery; Florence, Italy; Curated by Phyllis Platner (2012)
  • Independent Painting Exhibition; Fox Galley; Baltimore, MD; Curated by Dan Dudrow (2010)
  • Painting II Exhibition, The Maryland Institute College of Art; Baltimore; MD; Curated by Pat Alexander (2009)
  • Foundation Selected Exhibition; Pinkard Gallery; Baltimore, MD (2009)
  • OS17 Final Show; The Oxbow School; Napa, CA (2007)
  • Fineman, Emma; Selection of Works Curated By Kristian Day, ArtMaze Magazine; Winter Issue, p90-91 (2018)
  • Fineman, Emma; 18 Artists to Follow on Format, Juxtapoz November (2017)
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  • Fineman, Emma; Student Cover Art Contest Winners, The East Bay Monthly (2007)
  • Guest Speaker; Chelsea College; London, UK (2017)
  • Gallery Assistant for Areus Contemporary; Basel, Switzerland/ Providence,RI (2013-2015)
  • Student Panel speaker for the MICA Open House Excepted Students Day; The Maryland Institute College of Art; Baltimore, MD (2013)
  • Guest speaker for Sangram Majumdar's Painting and Drawing Class; TheMaryland Institute College of Art; Baltimore, MD (2013)
  • Guest lecturer for the Advanced Placement Painting Class; The MarylandInstitute College of Art; Baltimore, MD (2013)
  • Painting Department representative at Major Café; The Maryland Institute College of Art; Baltimore, MD (2012)
  • Guest Speaker for the Advanced Placement Drawing Class; The Maryland Institute College of Art; Baltimore, MD (2012)
  • Painting and Drawing Department representative for the Student Voice Association; The Maryland Institute College of Art; Baltimore, MD (2012)
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